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6 Nations Raid Trieste-Tirana



6NationsRaid Trieste - Tirana

transbalkanika big twins & 4WD + ON ROAD version


XIIIa ed.: May 18-24

XIVa ed.: Sept. 8-14

Hi! and wellcome to the home of 6 Nations Raid Trieste Tirana (open to 4WD and big enduro motorbikes), born in 2011 and now at the 13th edition.


Now the Balkans are "fashion", expecially after the north African situation became so unsecure. Every year more people offer raids in these zones.


Believe us, the 6 Nations Raid is not made by makeshift people that stole 4 gps tracks form wikiloc and... magic is done! We are the guys (and the girls) of Istrialand.eu, we travel and we propone the western Balkans since 1997, and this is our profession since a long time. Simple and clear.


With us you can live a real challenging ride in a perfect mix of freedom and adventure, but always with the cerainty that you are with a Staff that helps you in case of need, offering special and useful services:


* 4WD assistance vehicle for tires and spare parts

* TRAILER to rescue a broken bike

* SPARE ENDURO MOTORBIKE if you want to ride on

* from/to Hotel luggage transfer so you ride free


Furthermore, in the program are included:


+ 7 nights in Hotel, half board

+ 1 tour leader on enduro bike


* 2nd 4WD vehicle of assistance if more than 10 bikes subscribes!




Franz & Antonela, owners of Camelus Adventures




by Camelus Adventures


+385 98 997 6290


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Licenza: HR-AB-52-130041700

Assicurazione: Allianz 1500-172604886

Sede Legale: Via A. Babic 6, Buie - Croazia