6 Nations Raid Trieste-Tirana


Let's start dreaming!


The 6 Nations Raid is an overland trip across 6 States of the western balkans, accomplished for the first time by Franz and Antonela of Istrialand / Camelus in 2011: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Erzegovina, Republika Srpska, Montenegro (Crna Gora), Albania. In some of the previous editions we crossed Kosovo and Macedonia too. In this trip we will reach the most stunning panorama spot, thru the most exicing dirt tracks.


The trip allows you to discover some of the most beautiful and unknown dirt tracks of these areas, and at the same time you will see world famous cities like Mostar and Tirana. You can ride following the Staff or by GPS tracks.


SUBSCRIPTION is conditioned by the availabilty of accomodation in the Hotels along the raid... so we suggest to subscribe with great advance (deadline is 30 days before departure). We accept a maximum of 20 pilots / vehicles.



the Raid: 1500 km of adventure!



Sept. 08: Buje => Bihać (BiH). 280 km (25% Off Road)


Departure at 08:30 from Groznjan, a very nice medieval village in Istria. Transfer (almost) on tarmac until Crikvenica where the off road begins. There are some kilometeres that could be a little bit challenging for the less experienced pilots of the big twins, but it's easily possible to avoid this part. The following off-road track is easier and extremely panoramic, we run between the sight of the dalmatian islands, the seasinde and the mountains: 23 gorgeous kilometers! Some rest along 9 km of a winding tarmac, and then again a wonderful dirt track, extremely panoramic and enjoyable, 12 km.


It's time to say goodbye to the lovely Adriatic sea, we will see it again in 6 days and more than 1000 km away. Now it's time to enter Velebit mountains. 6 Km of tarmac and then off road again: we reach the huge forests of Croatia, famous for the brown bears. In fact we pass next to the main shelter for orphan bears. 17 km of mountain tarmac, some more forest dirt road and we are down to the valley, over the Velebit. For today the off road is done... but we have still 80 km of tarmac to go. Dinner and overnigh stay in Hotel in Bihać.


09: Bihac => Mostar, 310 km (30% Off Road)


Long stage today, but full of emotions! We leave Bihać and start with 34 km of a very, very nice panoramic tarmac, then the dirt tracks starts. We pass nearby an old castle, with an impressive round tower, and later we reach some plains and hills for a very relaxing and happy off-road driving. After 46 km we reach Drvar city. To reach the city we have a challenging downhill (challenging for the big twins), but there is a chance to take a detour to avoid this passage that is reserved for skilled riders. Fast (but very good) lunch pause in Drvar, litte city of the Republic of Srpska, serbian entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Drvar is a rather depressed city from the economic point of view. Now (after Yugoslavia fall) is completely out of any commercial or traffic directory, and you can feel the "frontier" atmosphere, like in an old west village after the gold rush is gone... Technical advice: the kiosk next to the traffic light prepares a good and fast "kebab". After lunch we'll have 32 km of wonderful tarmac and 24km of a fast, panoramic, macadam with great panorama perfectly "USA style"! After the macadam comes 8 km of an incredible tarmac, that "includes" an airstrip / runway of a hidden military base (believe me!) we'll reach Glamoč.


From Glamoč we still have 105 km of tarmac to go. But don't think about crowded roads... Here for kilometers you won't see any cars, and we're surrounded with a gorgeous nature. We'll pass through Livno, renown for its cheese (there you'll see some wonderful and pure pastures) and head for Tomislavgrad, going up the mountain until Blidinje lake, from where the dirt tracks starts again. Again in a marvelous natural landscape: 18 km of this great experience (a little challenging in some sections), and later 37km of tarmac after which we finally reach the world famous city of Mostar! So the second day of the raid is epic, with an epic destination. Check-in to the rooms and dinner in a traditional restaurant downtown, few meters from the world famous Old bridge. Overnight stay in the Hotel.



10: Mostar => Bjelašnica, 200 km (62% Off Road)


ONE OF THE TOUGHEST AND WONDERFUL PARTS OF THE RAID! 202 km... that will seem to be... more! Some parts of this stage are not recommended for riders that are here for their first experience! (a tarmac bypass is possible). Today the landscape, that yesterday was beautiful, becomes even better! We reach Nevesinje through a wonderful tarmac road that seems to be a motorbike circuit! After 48 km of tarmac pleasure the fun on the dirt tracks begin! 40 km of astonishing landscapes, green meadows, moutain villages and canyon... really one of the most incredible parts of the trip. And in a highland, that seems heaven on Earth, you will see the ancient thombstones, from the ancient Bogumils, with the mystic and mysterious symbols, from the sword in the stone (believe me!) to the extraterrestrial figures. Lunch pause on the river.


But that's not all... it becomes even better: in the afternoon you'll have to conquer every kilometer to reach Sarajevo's Olympic village in the moutains (1984 Olympic games). You will have great fun and great fatigue to show yourself and who you are. We will face the great downhill and the hard ascent of the canyon, that local muslim people call the Devil's canyon... and you will understand why. The track is to be done in the afternoon is 40 km tarmac and 95 km dirt track, in some parts it's challenging for the big twins, but it provides a great satisfaction. We pass next to Lukomir, the highest inhabited village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A truly epic day today. Dinner and overnight stay in 4**** Hotel with swimming pool in the zone of Winter Olympic games of Sarajevo 1984.


11: Bjelašnica => Žabljak, 170 km (12% Off Road)


Free morning (who loves to get up early can even reach Sarajevo downtown, 30 km to go) devoted to relax and swimming pool or a walk. At 11h we'll start with an easy dirt road (with some tarmac) on the mountains near Sarajevo winter Olympic zone and after 21 km we reach the main road. From now on, for toda's stage, we are on tarmac. But don't worry... even if tarmac, this road (expecially in Montenegro part) has a truly impressive beauty!


Really, this road in Montenegro it is one or the most beautiful itinerary in southern Europe: from a deep canyon (the deepest in Europe) we ascend to the top through several tunnels excavated "by hand" in the stone... hairpin bends and branches in these completely dark galleries... not a road for weak hearts! and when you get to the top, you are in the middle of the Durmitor Natural Park: heaven on Earth. Dinner and onvernight stay in a very beatuful mountain Hotel.


12: Žabljak => Shkoder 200 km (32% Off Road)


Yesterday with the tarmac you've got some rest, today another tough stage. We leave Žabljak, heading for the great highlands and mountains of Montenegro. I know I'm so repetitive but believe me I have no other option: today we'll see 'heart-attack' landscapes again, and again. Great spaces, meadows, mountains, poor and almost "primitve" houses/refuges in the most remote areas... and finally an astonishing downhill with a panorama that can compete with italian Dolomites. And we get down to Kolašin after a dream long 70 km.


Lunch break in Kolašin, small and nice town.. In the afternoon transfer to Shkoder in Albania. Dinner and overnight stay in a wonderful 3***superior ethnic hotel.


13: Scutari => Peshkopi, 240 km (80% Off Road)


The most "off road" stage of this epic raid, across the most unknown and small track connecting the city of Shkoder to Perhkopi. After 60 km of (scenic) road trasfer, we will have to face 164 km of challenging tracks (SOME PARTS OF THIS STAGE ARE ABSOLUTELY NEW... SO BE PREPARED FOR ADVENTURE)! Dinner and night at a nice 3*** Hotel in Peshkopi (sorry there isn't any 4**** there).


14: Peshkopi => Tirana, 100 km (70% Off Road)


Last part of the 6 Nations Raid! Today we will reach Tirana, the capital of one of the nations that had one of the hardest communism dictatorship. Not many of them passed where we are goint to go today. From Perhkopi we reach Klos, amother town so different from "our" cities! Like yesterday, we are in the heart of Albania. and the most incredible thing is that in these so wild valleys and mountains, there are villages and even a small cities... in such places where we could not even imagine a camping!


After this crazy road, still 35 km of tarmac and we are in the capital where we'll end this tough, but unique raid! very good dinner and night in the so nice Hotel Kastria (by our great friend Elton)to celebrate this special raid!


Let's join the Raid!


To get more info and/or to subscribe, just drop us one email or a whatsapp message. Click to Staff page to see our contacts.


The event costs 1090€ /person (990€ if you start in Mostar) + VAT



* sons in 4wd with parents pay 50%, lady passenger on the motorbike or in the car pay 50%

* IF YOU SUBSCRIBE WITH A HISTORIC BMW (i.e. 2 valves / carburetor) you have 50€ discount :-)


and includes:


* 7 overnight stays in 3 or 4 Hotels, half pension in twin rooom (single room supplement: 200€)

* 1 tour leader on the motorbike

* 1 4WD support car for tires and spare parts and so on (you have to provide them if you like)

* 1 TRAILER to rescue and trasport 1 broken bike, if it happens.... (bike can be transported until Trieste, starting poit of the raid)

* 1 SPARE ENDURO MOTORBIKE if the pilot with broken bike wants to ride on (rent of the bike: 90€/day)

* from/to Hotel LUGGAGE TRASPORT (not rigid cases!) so you can ride empty

* EXTRA: if more than 10 bikes subscribes, there will be a SECOND 4WD VEHICLE OF ASSISTANCE FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY!


Does not include:


* Vehicle insurance in Albania, if Albania is not already listed in Your Insurance. In these cases You will buy the insurance at the proper border office

* lunches, drinks at dinner, fuel, tolls and personal expenses

* health / accident insurances or insurance for recovery of the vehicle

* generally, what is not indicated in the "the subcription includes..."


Subscipion downpayment (20%) must be paid 30 days before departure to:


Agency Camelus d.o.o.

Via A. Babic 6, 52460 Buie, Croazia.

Bank Account on Erste Bank: IBAN HR5724020061100575261, SWIFT ESBCHR22 (Erste Bank)



Rules of the play:



* everybody rides at his own risk

* passoport and green card for the vehicle are compulsory

* for 4WD vehicles, C.B. radio is strongly recommended

* for the motorbikes, off-road tires are compulsory, at least 60% off / 40% road tires for ADV and TOUR category

* the Organisation owns the right to change the itinerary (or the hotel bookings) due to any cause (included overbooking made by the Hotels)

* in case of damage(s) to the vehicle(s) of the Organisation and/or health problems/accident(s) of the Staff, the raid program could be modified (even in a heavy way) but subscribers explicitly renounce any form of rivalry from the Organization.

* DUE TO THE PRESENCE OF LANDMINES in various regions that we cross, plase do NOT leave the official track and do NOT put your tires or feet on VIRGIN land. Following the beaten tracks and listening to the Staff direction, your trip will be super safe.




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